Planning a Birthday party in Temple, TX? You've found your One-Stop-Shop!

Planning a Birthday party in Temple, TX? You've found your One-Stop-Shop!

Main Street Hall boasts a spacious venue with top-of-the line amenities such as Wi-Fi, a built-in bar, sound system options, kitchen, and parking options for your guests. We offer flexible options when working with vendors - you can use any vendor you choose, as long as they are able to provide a certificate of insurance. Want to know more? Contact us to schedule a tour of the venue.

Top 11 tips for throwing the perfect Birthday Celebration:

Top 11 tips for throwing the perfect Birthday Celebration:

  1. Simplify the guest list – it’s important to invite the right amount of people. Too many can make it hard to connect with everyone, while too few can be lackluster.
  2. Start planning early – It’s best to start planning a party about 6 weeks in advance, especially if your party has a specific theme or dress code.
  3. Create a budget – set a limit on how much you want to spend for the event, then allocate an amount to each party essential (food/drink, entertainment, venue, etc).
  4. Make a checklist – write everything down, even the simple things, to ensure no detail gets missed (plus it feels good to be able to check items off the list)!
  5. Recruit helpers – planning in itself is stressful enough. When others offer to help you, let them! Even the simplest of gestures is one less thing you have to worry about doing yourself.
  6. Keep the menu simple – it’s usually best to enlist the help of a caterer to deal with all of the food, however, this does not always make the budget. The best rule of thumb is to have a couple of items for guests to choose from, prepare food that can easily be heated up, and will also keep well throughout the party.
  7. Serve one specialty cocktail – choose one that can be made in batches (sangria, margaritas, punch) and fits the theme of your party and stock up on plenty of beer and wine. Be sure to have non-alcoholic choices available too!
  8. Order what you can online – this will save you time and the stress of driving to multiple stores across town looking for the items you need.
  9. Create a playlist – if you’re not hiring a DJ/Entertainer, be sure to create a playlist from your music collection or go with an internet streaming service (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc).
  10. Get as much done as you can beforehand – whether it’s finding entertainment, decorating or stocking up on snacks/food, these things take time so be sure to get as much as the checklist items done beforehand.
  11. Remember that you are there to have fun with your friends and family – CELEBRATE!

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