Can The Space Be Utilized For Both a Ceremony and Reception?

Absolutely! In fact, we have designed our venue to cater to this special need! Your vendors can provide you pricing and staffing recommendations should a space flip be necessary for your event.

How Many Tables and Chairs do you have?

Round: 60"round (Qty: 22) & 48" (Qty: 6) Rectangle: 6' rectangular (Qty: 5)
Chairs: 175 white resin padded chairs

Do you rent out linens?

Glad you asked! We offer linen table clothes and linen napkins at a fraction of the cost of other vendors! Please ask us for our emailed information with the color, size, and price!

Tablecloth and napkin colors: Black, white, Pink, Seafoam (pale yellow green), Teal, Gold, Burgundy, Champagne, Grey, Loyal Blue, Red, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Navy, Peach [Based on Availability]

Orders must be placed >4 weeks in advance and are based on availability.

What Sort of Parking Is On-Site?

Self-parking / street parking. Ample parking and neighboring parking lots in very close proximity. The City Hall and ExtraCo Bank parking lots are also 2-3 minutes walking distance and available after business hours! 2-hr Street limit is not enforced by City of Temple.

To What Extent Can I Decorate The Venue?

It's your day! You can bring in most any décor you like. We just require that the space be returned to its original pre-party condition. Because of the historic nature of the building, we ask that you refrain from implementing any decor that would permanently damage the condition of the building. The following items are restricted: glitter, confetti-like materials, staples, nails, glue, paint or over-sized items.

Decorations and lighting rentals need to be removed at the end of your event. An additional cleaning fee will be assessed for any décor left behind after an event.

What type of events can you accommodate?

Any party you can think of, our historic building is ready! Whether it's a Class reunions, Family gatherings, Holiday celebrations, Quinceañeras, Birthday parties, Funeral luncheons or dinners, Corporate events, Bar Mitzvahs, Pharmaceutical dinners, Sweet 16's, Bridal showers, Weddings, Wedding receptions, Gender reveal parties, or anything else, we are here!

Can We Use Candles or Sparklers?

Any candles used must be placed in candle holders and enclosed on the side. Sparklers are allowed for use outside of the building, excluding covered entry area.

Venue Reservation Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental rate and signed contract are required to reserve the event date. This goes directly towards your balance.

Remaining Balance

Remaining balance is due 60 days prior to event.

Separate Refundable Security Deposit

REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT Client agrees that the Refundable Deposit may be applied to cover any damages or additional charges that occurred during their event. The remaining refundable deposit will be returned to client, without interest, within 7 days after client's event.


Cancellation of venue rental within 10 months of the event date the remaining venue rental balance will be owed to Main Street Hall. If cancelled more than 10 months prior to the event date, the remaining venue rental balance and additional fees will not be charged. Cancellation notices must be received in writing. Rental deposit is non-refundable.

Is Alcohol Allowed?

Most Definitely! Whether you bring your own beer (BYOB), or hire a bartender, the state of Texas requires you to have TABC certified bartenders serve all alcohol.

Bar Items / Beer bottles / Alcohol bottles

Although bottles are allowed, the bartender is required to serve all alcohol into a plastic cup prior to serving to client. Bar tender is responsible for disposing of all bottles and bar area items to the trash receptacle behind the building. Bar tender is responsible for wiping down the bar area after use.

Drinking cups

As far as drinking cups, we ask that all clients bring plastic cups of their choice or arrange with their bartender.
Bartenders are not to serve glass drinking vessels. This is for the best interest of your event. Unfortunately, glass provided at the bar has proven to be a foreseeable hazard. This has led to people dropping and breaking their glass with sharp fragments traveling across the room making it virtually impossible to sweep up during a dim lit crowded event. There are times woman &/or children are walking and dancing barefoot and one had even stepped on a piece of glass from a broken bottle earlier that night at their event. Because of this foreseeable hazard, we have made it mandatory that plastic cups or tin cans be served by bartenders. This will minimize any interruption of your event due to a spilled beverage limiting you to only need to mop or wipe up the spill and not have to worry about finding small broken glass fragments.

Does our venue help flip the space between a ceremony & wedding:

- Main St Hall staff sets up the venue according to the clients desired floor plan / table arrangements prior to client's arrival.
- All modifications or rearranging of tables, chairs, decorations, etc. after our final set up, prior to the event, is coordinated and handled by the client.

How long does it take to flip the space?:

- Each family and party are unique to the number of guests, available party members that help, the extent of the tablescape, and number of pre-set tables. From previous client flips, those have typically have taken 5 minutes to complete.

Side note:

- While other venues do not allow clients to move any tables or chairs once they are set, we allow our clients to be free to arrange as they choose.

- Upon receiving the deposit, we will send you the contract must be signed by the responsible client and returned to Main St Hall within 48 hours of deposit). This will be emailed to you separately.

Venue Cleaning policy

We require our clients to leave the venue in near pre-party condition. In short, our general rule is "What ever comes in - Goes out." We do not require clients to sweep, mop, fold up chairs or tables after their event.


MAIN STREET HALL IS A SMOKE FREE FACILITY. This includes the outdoor patio area, side walk, or 2nd floor deck. We strive to keep all guests comfortable to create a memorable event for all clients!

It is the Client's responsibility to inform family, friends, guests and vendors of the rental terms and policies.


- Professional sound system is included in your price! This can potentially save you the cost of a DJ which can cost $300 - $1200!

- HD Projector and 11' motorized projector screen included!

- Wireless microphone included!


-Seated dining up to 210*, standing to 375*.

*Actual capacity will vary depending on event layout. Tall 30" cocktail tables provide more room and flexibility and can work for parties near the 375 range.

Included with Venue Rental

- Tables, chairs, and set up to your desired floor plan!

- Ample space provided. We can provide round or rectangular tables if needed for prep tables. There are no warming or cooking devices.

- Built-in Custom Bar (we do not have a beer tap).

- House wiring for Sound System and DJ Booth.

- Wi-Fi internet access included

- Commercial sized refrigerator

(We do not have an ice machine on-site; however there are 3 ice dispensaries within 1.5 miles).

- Bridal suite and guys changing room with 6-14 hour rentals. If is utilized during an event that not 6-14 hours , a cleaning fee of $50 each room will added if these spaces are used.

Decor Restrictions

Confetti, Glitter, or anything resembling such is strictly prohibited / not allowed due to the laborious efforts and extensive time required by staff to remove such items.

Client is responsible for providing their own decorations. Candles are permitted but must be glass encased.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons may be utilized; however encourage careful use with knowledgeable help as we do carry a strict policy and penalty fee if they are released to go up into our 20'' ceilings...If clients intentionally or accidentally release their balloon(s) they get drafted and tangled into our 88" ceiling fans motors. This then requires us to call in staff to set up a large & heavy 14' A-framed ladder to be able to untangle the balloons from our fan motors which takes significant time and resource which is why we need to impose this policy. This can also lead to motor failure which is why we strongly advise to use use with caution or alternatively, non-helium balloon.